Friday, February 8, 2008

About Becoming Me

General information about this blog and the author including: Background information, E-mail address, Cast of Characters

A Note From Angela Nazworth

Hello and welcome to my blog Becoming Me. Twenty years ago I was a shy small town girl who barely spoke above a whisper. I had dreams, but doubted they would ever come true. Although I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior at a young age, I didn't truly believe how much He loves me until a few years ago.

Struggles with Postpartum Depression, perfectionism, loss, and feelings of inadequacy; along with unrealistic expectations shackled my spirit. Now those shackles lie broken and I’m ready to journey toward becoming the woman Christ desires me to be.

Today, I'm not so shy. I'm a flawed and forgiven wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. I am also an encourager, a lover of good books, coffee, girl's night out, sunshine, and waterfalls. My writing style is intentionally honest as it is my desire to share my experiences without pretense so that others may also feel a joy that comes only from Christ.

My immediate family (you'll read more about them below under the cast of characters section) includes my husband, a college professor, my delightfully precocious and dramatic five-year-old daughter, my energetic and lovable two-year-old son, and our ten-year-old Dachshund who follows a trail of Cheerios left behind by the aforementioned son.

Before exchanging my business suits for yoga pants and burp cloths, I worked in the public relations industry managing programs, editing publications, and writing copy and articles for magazines, newsletters, Web sites, brochures, educational resources, and other publications. Now, I work at home as an independent copy editor and writer.

Becoming Me was launched in February of 2008 as a ministry project.

The Mission of Becoming Me
Each person accumulates stories from life experiences. Some stories tell of blistering, bitter, frightening seasons when emotional fires, droughts, or floods brought devastation to a heart. Other stories derive from adrenaline enhancing joy and blissful happiness from seasons decorated with wonderment and adventure. And then there are stories that may not carry emotion but still garner enough weight to impact life. The creator of the universe is both the author of and lead character in my life story. With every experience I learn more about who I am in Christ...more about becoming me...the mature me God designed to be completed in Heaven.

Cast Of Characters

Many of the experiences shared on this blog come from lessons I learn from every day events. Let me introduce you to the main players.

The Professor - Husband, father, friend, teacher, scholar, aspiring comedian and basketball enthusiast.
This photo was taken by Pumpkindoodle.

Pumpkindoodle - Preschooler, daughter, God's little princess, artist, friend, self proclaimed ballerina, and aspiring event planner.

Z-Man (formerly known on this blog as Pickle) - Toddler, son, future pitcher for the Philles, God's little prince, explorer, procurer of bumps and bruises, lover of Elmo, Little Einstein's, balls, and blocks, and Pumpkindoodle's biggest fan.

E-Mail Me

Feel free to send personal E-mails to the following address (I typed out the @ and . to limit spam)


I will do my best to respond to all personal inquiries. Because we have moved so often I have hundreds of friends and family members who send me E-mail on a weekly basis. That said, I may not respond in a timely manner, but rest assured I will read and respond to each personal message.

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