Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rejection Breeds Rejection - Lifting the Veil of Rejection Part 3

During the past 15 years, the Lord has abundantly blessed me and my family with solid friendships. For these friends found in various parts of our country, I am forever grateful. Further increasing my gratitude for the blessings of today is remembering a time in my life when friendships were scarce.

Being labeled a “doofus” before I even entered junior high, put me on friendship’s blacklist. The fact that I spoke softly and walked funny didn’t help. Although I fantasized about popularity, I really would have been happy among the 80 percent or so of kids who coast by. They may not be considered high school royalty, but they never had food hurled at them, signs taped to their backs, or books knocked off their desks.

I was not alone in my plight. There were others. One may be inclined to think that we all banded together in camaraderie; the old “strength in numbers concept. But we didn’t. Instead, each of us looked down on the other hoping that we weren’t “as bad.”

There was one girl in my class named Angie (popular name for baby girls born in the Rolling Stone era that was the 1970’s) who held her head shamefully low because her family had little money. She was taunted mercilessly and combated the ridicule with far-fetched stories about dating Kirk Cameron, which placed her just a notch than I on a skewed social totem pole.

Both sadness and relief fit into the motley bag of emotions I felt as our fellow insecure classmates hurled insults at that broken-hearted girl. Sadness because I knew her hurt and I felt powerless to stop them. And, relief because the focus on her meant a break for me.

The rest of this story is at Faith Lifts


Smilingsal said...

Pecking order, huh? Why are we so unkind to one another?

Amy said...

The feelings never completely go away.....Sometimes when I see people from my past I turn into that awkward 12 year old girl inside.
When good things happen in my life now, sometimes I clap for that 12 year old girl in my heart.....and it makes me smile.

God Bless,

Irritable Mother said...

No fair! You whet my appetite, but when I went over to Faith Lifts, I couldn't find the rest of this post. *grumpy face*
I did find and read Part 2...very good thoughts, Angela.
I am so thankful to know I am accepted by the One who really matters. Now - to trust Him to bring healing to the broken places from years and years ago!

Julie said...

Great job, Angela,

I loved your post.


Angie said...

Just wanted to say that I love your devotional and decided to visit your place after being at Faith Lifts.

Praise Him! Ephesians 1:6, "To the praise of the glory of his grace, where in he hath made us accepted in the beloved."

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

My heart breaks at some of that stuff!

Up until I met Jesus at 15 years of age, I'm ashamed to say I was one of the girls who was not all that nice...maybe that's why your story hurts my heart so much.

Heading ober to Faith Lifts now...

Morning By Morning said...

Great post~ “Hurting People Hurt People” is such a powerful phrase.
I remember hearing that for the first time thinking, "That is SOO true!"

I love how you compare 'The Veil of Rejection' being lifted up by our King to a wedding veil by a groom~ BEAUTIFULLY written!!!!

Genny said...

I love your honesty and your openness. Thanks for the beautiful way you share.

Anonymous said...

Once again you bring me to tears. And once again I'm starting to think we are the same person! (Obviously we aren't, but wow can I ever relate.) I love the image of lifting the veil of rejection like a bridal veil. God is slowly lifting that veil for me and revealing my worth and my importance to him. After a lifetime of feeling 'less than' that never ceases to amaze me.

I too had times where I went along with the crowd or didn't speak up because if someone else was the 'less than' one then maybe I was a little closer to acceptable. I hope that I'm growing out of that, but I am sure there will be days where I am still tested on that front.

Tonya said...

heading over now to finish reading!

Amy Wyatt said...

I've enjoyed your site, even though I'm fairly new to visiting. I would love to visit more, but our summer schedule has been nuts. I left you an award over at my site. Come by to visit.

angie said...

I hate thinking about how unkind I was to others.......still haunts me today. I totally remember the pecking order, and of course the people I remember being mean to were "below" me.

Mary said...

I am so glad that you visited my blog because it led me to yours!
What a blessing! I read what you wrote on your web page, "About Me" three times! It is so beautiful!

After reading, "Rejection Breeds Rejection" which is really good,
I also read your post about your beautiful little "pumkindoodle"
and it was good to read your affirmation for this beautiful child.
My daughter called her little girl "pumkin" and it brought back such sweet memories.

well, it's getting late but I sure want to read more of your blog!
What a delight you are!

Reading "Rejection Breeds Rejection" brought back memories of when I was in junior high. The students had what they called "Slam Book" A name would be at the top of the page and others would write what they thought of the person. Some of the students had compliments under their name and others had a "slam" (that could be called rejection in a brutal way)
I remember being eager to see what was written under my name. Most of the comments were OK OK
Well, that made me feel rather like a nobody but now looking back, I think it is OK to be OK!:)


Shonda said...

I remember that girl. I remember those insults. Thank God we're accepted by HIM and HE calls us beautiful. You have a gift of bringing out the emotion in your writing. Thanks for sharing.
Engrafted by His Grace-

Tracy said...

This was SO POWERFUL. I saw myself in so many places here, some of which brought sadness, some of which brought shame. Thank you for this reminder to ALWAYS extend the grace that has been granted to me.


elizabeth embracing life said...

A few months ago my husband and I had some fun 70's music on and we were dancing and having a ball in our family room, just the two of us. I asked him to approach me like he did in highschool, you know swoon over, flirt, take my hand....instead he went and sat on the couch and looked seriously at the floor. My husband remeinded me that he was a misfit, loner, insecure and it was not fun. I am glad that today, he is becoming all that God has planned for him and quite comfortable in his own feet. I was never a loaner, but I always reached out to those who were alone.

Alana said...

Good stuff. I think we can all relate to this in one way or another. Junior High is brutal. Kids are brutal. I never understood it then and I don't understand it now.

Rochelle said...

Oh I soooo needed to read this post today! Rejection is my biggest fear... and it doesn't take much to rekindle the rejection of my past!! Thanks for this post... we are always accepted by Him.

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