Sunday, October 26, 2008

Product Reviews

Hopefully, you've noticed some neat buttons on my right side bar advertising a few home-based businesses. When you have a chance, I'd encourage you to check out each of them.

When starting this blog, I didn't think I would allow advertising, product, or book reviews. However, as I sought new ways to encourage those who read Becoming Me, I became more open to product reviews.

After Pumpkindoodle was born, I started my own home-based business. It's advertising budget was minuscule and after less than a year I didn't have the resources needed to keep it going. Since this blog has a growing following I decided to cast out a few feelers about using a section of it to advertise for others.

Now, by following, I mean that about 200 different people read Becoming Me (give or take a few). That's not enough to excite the folks on Madison Avenue...or on any avenue for that matter. Knowing that, I feel it would be unethical of me to try to sell my space for cash. Plus, I really wanted to keep with my blog mission. However, if I just announced that I'd advertise for everyone who wanted to do so...well you know the messes that could ensue. All that said, I came up with a bartering system. A product for side bar real estate and a review (Because, how could I review something I have never seen or used?).

(My book review policy is slightly different...I'll review any book on Becoming Me that I have read and considered "life changing." Other good books I'll review on All That Naz...simply because I read a lot and do not want Becoming Me to turn into a review blog).

Due to my recent move, I realized that there are three businesses that I failed to review...I am going to right that wrong now. I do hope you chedck them out.

Having an unsophisticated pallet, I honestly was not sure if I would be able to taste the difference between loose-leaf tea and the standard tea bag variety. I heard that the difference is vast and since I love tea and have been sipping it since age four (a child's life was different in 1978 than it is now) I felt it would be irresponsible for me not to try it. So, with my new paprika Brew-in Tall Tea Mug Infuser I brewed a cup of loose-leaf English Breakfast tea from Tea Traditions (the mug is from there as well). I learned that there indeed is a difference. For those of you who also love coffee think fresh-brewed Starbucks vs instant Maxwell House...yep...a chasm lies inbetween the two. While my first batch of tea leaves from Tea and Traditions didn't cost me any money, I do intend to purchase more, and that's a promise.

Lisa Leonard crafts gorgeous jewelry with sophisticated simplicity. Her products are truly stunning and one day, I hope to wear one of her original designs around my neck. Since I needed a present for a sweet friend of mine, I ordered necklace for her instead of bartering for one of my own. Although I have not seen the beauty in person, my friend raved about her gift. This month, Lisa is featuring this exquisit sterling silver breast cancer awareness necklace. Keeping with Lisa's generous spirit, 20 percent of all proceeds of this special necklace go straight to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Kelli from Blush and Bashful Baby would be getting a lot of my business if I had babies of my own. Although I still refer to my 18-month-old Pickle as a baby, he has outgrown onsies and burp cloths. However, If I need a gift for a baby (and I have) I would certainly consider Blush and Bashful Baby. Kelli's handmade items are stitched with TLC and close attention to detail. Here is a sample bib...isn't it darling?


Stacy said...

DH and I recently tried loose teas for the first time. I don't particularly care for tea, and even I could taste the difference. He may be getting some sort of tea mug and infuser for Christmas.

Classic MaMa said...

I love that you are including from me tees in your side bar. :) They are great. I was told that one or two of them have been shipped to Alaska for a certain VP candidate to wear.

Gretchen said...

I am lazy, so I don't typically do loose leaf teas, but you are so right about the taste. I have some loose Jasmine tea from one of Big's visits to China, and it's gooood. Lurrve Lisa Leonard. Thanks for the reviews.

Hollie said...

I love lisa leonard's designs. I ordered a necklace for my best friend and it was so cute.

AtlantaMama said...

I LOVE Tea and Traditions!

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