Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WFMW - Updated Web Browsers

(If you are reading this post in a feeder such as Bloglines or Google Reader because you can no longer view my posts from my blog, then please...I beg you...please read this to the end, because I miss you...a lot.)

I am not a forceful person. I do have opinions and when asked to share them, I am quite comfortable disseminating information about subject matters such as postpartum mood disorders, raising a strong-willed daughter who thinks a striped turtleneck sweater coordinates perfectly with heart-printed capri pants, and other hot topics like surviving motherhood, transparency, and increasing intimacy with Christ. Those are passions of mine.

I even know a thing or two about baking cupcakes, entertaining a five-year-old in the grocery store, teaching toddlers the second verse to “Ring-Around-The-Rosey,” and growing blog readership...and if you ask, I'll share. I don't like to keep secrets, that tends to go against the grain of transparency that I just confessed being so passionate about.

On the flip side of the coin, here are some subjects that you will not find me writing about.

  • Cars
  • How to potty-train a boy (even though I have a male child)
  • HTML code
  • Cake decorating tips
  • How to cut paper in a straight line with or without a ruler
  • How to be funny without being quirky
  • Technical Issues such as Updating Your Internet Browser

Except for today. Today, me and my technophobia self are going to discuss the importance of updating your Internet Browser. I have two reasons for reaching outside my comfort zone.

  1. I care about you and do not want your computer to contact any nasty viruses.

  1. I am selfish and want to win back my readers who have threatened to give up on me because they can no longer read my posts since my bloggy makeover last week.

Did I mention I'm big on transparency?

Web surfing with an outdated browser is comparable to trying to place a Frogger or Pitfall! cartridge made for Atari into your Wii. New technology and old technology do not always play well together. At first, it may not seem that using an out-of-date browser is that bad of an idea. After all, it does take a few minutes to update and although it isn't as complicated as open-heart surgery, it can be a slight inconvenience. But the benefits far outweigh the inconvenience.

Updating your browser is one of the best ways to protect your computer from some very intelligent hackers, spammers, malware distributors, and other evildoers in the realm of cyberspace. And that is worth five minutes of waiting and button pushing...take it from someone who thought her time was too valuable to waste on updates. Being without my computer for a few weeks reformed my attitude.

If you would like more information about updating your browser or about which browsers offer you the best protection, please check out the links below. The current buzz for PC users is that Google Chrome offers the best protection and that Internet Explorer and Netscape are riskier options. I know even less about MAC, but have heard that Apple Safari works well. And for more great tips, please visit Kristen at We Are That Family.

Helpful Links about Web Browsers

What is a Web Browser

Five Best Web Browsers by LifeHacker

Most Hacker Resistant Web Browser

An Exhaustive Look at Web Browsers by LifeHacker

How to Update Your Browser

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer 8

MAC - Apple Safari

MAC Compatible Browsers


Wifey said...

Great info! I'm so not tech savvy so I really appreciate it.

Winks & Smiles,

Erin said...

I was able to read your entire post on your blog. That must mean that I am doing something right!

Amy@ MomsToolbox said...

Good stuff! Thanks!!

sara said...

I do have a MAC and I use FireFox...I think it is better than Safari and faster!

Mrs. Sidney said...

Great info.. I update my often so I haven't had any problems viewing your new layout... love it by the way.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great tips, I usually get reminders to update, and I always do though it does annoy me. This is a great reminder why I do it.

Anonymous said...

I can't read your posts from work anymore. I am not allowed to update their browsers. I can see everything just fine at home. I have a MAC and always keep my Firefox up to date. I prefer it to Safari. So if I am little behind commenting it's due to the dinosaurs at work. You did great on all of the info!

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