Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Can Christians Do That????

My life may be a bit too chaotic for me to sit down and write intelligibly at the present time, but I do still possess enough Bloggity Mojo** to encourage discussion.

(** I may or may not have invented that term...but I'm guessing I saw it elsewhere and forgot where, I'm not that witty...if I stole it from you, please forgive my unintentional plagiarism)

These are a few light videos that I think hit home some excellent points. I'd love to read your thoughts. Each video is about 30 seconds long.

Blessings to you, and if you think about it...I'd welcome prayers for me and my family as we begin our travels tomorrow morning.

- Angela


crittyjoy said...

Ok I laughed at first, only because I find this so true. The biggest problem I have long had with being a Christian is how judgmental we are. We are constantly judging others while doing something similar, if not the same at times. The verse in Matthew about the plank in my eye is a constant reminder in my head as I work really hard to not do this anymore....but I did it for a long time. I often cringe at how we are often thought of as Christians but very much understand why people feel the way they do. Sometimes we are worse than non-Christian's and that breaks my heart.

Those videos are a great look, and reminder, of the work we need, no, must do.

Thanks for making me think Angela...and for the reminder of Grace and that plank in my eye :)

Aspiemom said...

I love them! It is so true! I think we all do this...we target something as wrong, but we're doing the same thing in another area!

Non-Christians will be the first to pick up on this double-standard thing!

Thanks for sharing these.

Wifey said...

Didn't realize you were leaving so soon. Will send lots of prayers your way. Be safe!

Oh, I'll check out the videos, too!

Winks & Smiles,

He And Me + 3 said...

Great videos...very much to think about. Thanks for sharing. have a safe trip.

Donetta said...


christy rose said...

It is sad that we continue to judge others when the Word tells us that God poured all of His judgement out on Jesus. Do we think we know more than God? I think not! Help us Lord!

More than Survival said...

This is what turns non Christians OFF to God... the hypocritical life of far too many Christians!!!!! YUCK!!! Good food for thought!!

Kimberly said...

Indeed....very good food for thought!

Praying for you!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

So funny!! Issues like this come up in my mind alot because I grew up in a household that was extremely strict with stuff like this. When I moved out I was like "What? You mean it's really okay to have a glass of wine? I was sure there was a verse in the Bible that forbade that..." Etc... :)

It's such a personal heart thing. If God convicts us, personally, to do or not do something then it is very wrong for us not to obey and follow through. WE CAN NOT push that conviction on some one else.

Great topics for discussion!

Shane Vander Hart said...

Great videos!

It is amazing how we have a tendency to be judgmental about _______ (you fill in the blank), but yet do something very similar in other areas of life.

- Poker night vs. Bingo (a difference? nope)

- Movies vs. TV (some TV shows are worse than movies)

- Drinking vs. gluttony (potlucks anybody?)

We need to remember that with these issues there is liberty and grace.

Political Jules said...

What a way to bring our faith into real world time! I think it is about time we start bringing the message out of the dark ages into an entertaining package that will bring a new younger fresh face to the congregations. I think it is great and would love to see more. Oh and I am a diehard Sonic fan now! W00t Sonic!

Mrs. M said...

I will say that this is one of the main reasons why-although I am a Christian-I do not go to church. In the churches that I have been to there is such a focus on sin that I just don't feel that they are in line with my personal views on Christ.

I believe that it is my job to do my best to love other people unconditionally and serve their needs-as Christ loved and served us all. I think it is an honor to behave this way towards everyone (since by doing so I am, in my own view, following in Jesus' footsteps), but it is a special kind of honor to be able to love and serve those who are not Christians-you know the really "big sinners"-because it is possible that I may be the only example of Christ in their lives. Though I am very flawed, I feel it is both my duty and my honor to show these people God's love and the healing and transforming power of faith in Christ. Obviously it would be nearly impossible for me to love and serve people if I was sitting in a position of judgment against them.

Thank you for the very thought provoking post!

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