Friday, October 30, 2009

At (In)Courage with The Doubting Self

I'm at (In) Courage today with a post to which I think many can relate. Here's a sneak peek:

This post is for the woman who walks silently into a crowded room and stands alone hoping that someone will notice her.

This post is for the woman who sits quietly with her lips curved into a polite smile as she listens to small talk, but seldom joins the conversation.

This post is for the woman who walks up to a group of co-workers or moms at a PTO meeting and suddenly feels as though she's been transported back to high school. Although the other women are courteous and do not ignore her presence or respond with icy stares, she still feels out of place.

This post is for the woman who feels intimidated by her polar opposite...the woman who smiles eagerly, jumps readily into conversations with strangers, makes new friends with ease, and seems capable of swapping recipes with a door knob.

To read the entire post, please click here.

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