Friday, February 1, 2008

Ads & Reviews


I have limited ad space on my sidebar for small businesses that offer quality goods and services. Most of these businesses are in-home endeavors started and run by moms.

You might say I'm old fashioned about my fees, because I do not charge money. I barter. Space for Product. The bartering system works well for me because I'm not comfortable promoting things I have not tried. Also, I have a heart for encouraging others and know that times are financial rough for everyone.

I also do one-time reviews in exchange for one product for me (how else could I review it) and the same product to give to one lucky reader. I am very selective about reviews. I will do only one product review a month, with the exception of books. All of my reviews will be false flattery.

If you would like to advertise (without a review)on Becoming Me, e-mail me your inquiry. I will need a 125 x 125 button that links to your business, and information on how long you would like to advertise. Rates are below. If you do not have a button, I can have one created for you for a flat fee of $10. Because I do not make the buttons, I cannot deduct the cost of the button from the advertising rates.

Advertising Rates:

3 months for $20 worth of product and shipping

6 months for $40 worth of product and shipping

9 months for $60 worth of product and shipping

12 months for $75 worth of product and shipping

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