Friday, February 1, 2008


The Beautiful Servant Award from Becoming Me

My new "policy" for "Pass it On Awards." -- One of my favorite aspects of blogging is the friendships that I have formed with other bloggers. I get joy each time a fellow blogger gives me a boost of encouragement from a "Pass it On Award." I love receiving these awards and I love giving them to others. However, I have a hard time passing on the ones that have rules as to how many people can next get the award. Without trying to do so, I have hurt some friends in the process of passing on awards. Because of this, I will make sure to publicly thank anyone who gives me an award, but I will only pass on awards that have no limits.

I will continue to award the Beautiful Servant award, because that is more or less based on nominations and the criteria is more specific.

Awards graciously bestowed upon
Becoming Me

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