Saturday, July 19, 2008

Blog Tour Recap

A big thank you to the 75 of you who participated in the Becoming Me Blog Tour. I truly enjoyed visiting each blog and reading your statements. Some statements made me giggle, many made me think, and all of them made me thankful for this blogging community.

My special system for picking winners for the prizes consisted of the Professor picking numbers from 1-75 and then me double checking the comment sections for the prizes. My husband has been away for an entire month (he just returned last evening from teaching a summer course at Princeton) so he has not read any of the comments.

The contest winners are:

Amy from Beautiful Descent - $10 gift card
Monica from Daily Dwelling - Either a guest post from me or free editing
Dorinda from Treasures in Jars of Clay - Blog of the month for August

Ladies, please e-mail me so I can get you your prizes. Thank you.

While we were touring, two sweet bloggers, Anne Elizabeth --Motherhood and All That's In Between, and Vixibil at Party of 5, awarded me with the Brilliant Web Blog Primio 2008. While I am far, far less than brilliant, the award is much appreciated. Thank you so very much Anne Elizabeth and Vixibil.

Since this is a "pass it on" award and I always have trouble narrowing down the choices, I decided to choose blogs who participated in the tour...not that it really made it an easier choice, because there were 75 brilliant participants. However, I did pick seven blogs who have recently inspired me. Before I announce them, I need to post the rules for this award.

The rules: Put the logo on your blog.Put a link to who awarded it to you on your blog also (Seriously, this one is always optional for me).You need to nominate 7 other bloggers for the award and put links to them also on your blog. Finally, leave a comment for those you've nominated - so they know they've received a special award.

Seven Bloggers who have recently inspired me (in no particular order of importance) -

  1. Matt from Rise Rise
  2. Grace Unbound
  3. Mari from Out of Deep Waters
  4. Jenni Catron from Jenni Catron
  5. Kari Dawson from Finding My Place in This World
  6. Elizabeth from Mommy, etc.
  7. Morning by Morning


Pam said...

congrats to your blog tour winners and to you on that award!

Elizabeth said...

wow...i'm soooooo honored, seriously!

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, I am honored as well. :) If it takes a little while to show up on my blog, it's because I'm trying to figure out how to post the logo. As you can see, I never figured out how to get the Mission Tour logo posted. And out of all of the inspiring blogs out there, somehow I have to pick 7. Hmmm.

But thank you SO much for thinking of me, and for your continued support and encouragement.

mattpatt said...

I'm speechless. This just started out as a way to express my thoughts and experiences with the small hope of touching others.

I am so truly honored.

Blessings to all who inspire me daily with their words and the spirit they carry -


dlyn said...

Congratulations all around. And thanks so much for hosting - I have not gotten through all of the blogs on the tour yet, but I will and I have found so many great blogs I might have never seen otherwise. Wonderful idea and execution!

Michelle said...

Congratulations on your award. Sorry I didn't get to participate in the blog tour. I love the idea behind it, very creative.

lori said...

I just stumbled onto your blog, I hope you do another tour same time

Gretchen said...

I'm sorry I was in the midst of too much too much to be any good at this tour. I'm glad it worked out and was so popular, tho!

My mission is this: I write. I share. After that, it gets a bit fuzzy. To be honest, I think I'm still finding out where my niche falls.

Morning By Morning said...

YAY!!!!!! Thank You SO SO SO SO MUCH!!! ALL the mission statements were SO great and touching, it must have been VERY tough for you to pick the top 3 winners! The 1st place was truly amazing!!!!

I am so honored to even be listed on your blog! Your words have been a true inspiration to me!

We ought always to thank God for you, brothers, and rightly so, because your faith is growing more and more, and the love every one of you has for each other is increasing.
2 Thessalonians 1:3

(Thanks for letting a new blogger like myself feel welcomed:)

Mrs. N. said...

Thank you all.

Oh, I truly did not judge any of the prize winners. IT was a random drawing. My husband picked numbers between 1 and 76 and if he had picked 24 (my other blog) I would have had him pick again. He blindly picked the numbers as well..he didn't know which blogs went with which numbers.

The first number picked got the gift card, 2nd picked got #2 and 3rd got #3. So sorry if I was not clear enough. :-)

Mari said...

Thank you Angela, I'm speechless. Hard to believe I know!

Anonymous said...

I'm honored! Thank you for the opportunity to meet so many great bloggers!

Kari Dawson said...

My first award! What an honor and especially because I've read your blog and truly respect your gift. Thank you! Thank you!

Peggy said...

Thanks Angela...GREAT RECAP...wish it was still going on...still hoping that more consider doing a MISSION statement...

Congratulations to the contest winners and YOU for YOUR AWARD and those you passed it on to...ALL very deserving! I loved visiting their blog like I do yours!

I like your idea of Blogger of the month, I'm going to check your blog for the details because I would like to do something like that...starting in September!

Trish (wheresthebox) said...

Thank you for hosting the blog mission tour. It was a great exercise to think it through and get it down on paper (computer screen?)

Wifey said...

I hate that I missed your blog tour! Kudos to you for making it happen and glad to hear it was such a success! I've got to do the next one - smiles!

mel said...

Better late than never. I just posted my statement. I could've written much more, but you know how it is when writers try to summarize stuff. It just gets way too wordy. Much like this comment.

God bless you and yours!

melinda in ga.

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