Friday, March 27, 2009

Un-caffeinated Randomness - I've Got Buttons Galore

Andrea from Under Grace and Over Coffee (if she is not one of your must reads...she should be) hosts a fun Friday meme titled Caffeinated Randomness. Since I am fasting (more on that later) from caffeine and other stuff...I'm giving you the un-caffeinated version, which is only different in title, because trust me, this post is going to be so all-over-the-place you will think I drank two pots of the rich liquid goodness before sitting down to type this post.

If this is your first visit here, please do not judge the writing quality of Becoming Me based on this post. To honor another commitment I'm writing quickly...there may be typos, and for that, my deepest apologies.

Most of my randomness today comes in the form of buttons. Not the type found on clothing, the type found on Web sites, like the one above. In other words, I'm promoting others. You can click on any of the buttons to go directly to the topics mentioned.
First off...did you know that there is going to be a fabulous Christian Women's Conference with amazing speakers on April 6-9? And, said conference is being held at YOUR home? Well...sort of. A Woman Inspired is an online conference. I'm going to be there (but not as a speaker) and I hope you will be too. And, until April 1st, tickets are only $12.95. Now that, my friends, is a steal of a deal. Please click on the button above for me details about the conference.


Today is the deadline for the contest to win a scholarship to attend the She Speaks conference this summer. It is an awesome opportunity, and if you have any desire to enter, please take this as encouragement to do so. Fears and doubts almost stopped me from submitting an entry and now I feel so blessed that I hushed those voices and signed up. My chances of winning...mmm, probably slim, BUT, the process was so good for my soul. You can read my entry here.

Another blog that should be on your must-read list (boy, I'm a tad bossy when I'm random) is 2nd Cup of Coffee by Linda or Lidna depending on how fast she types (she wrote that, I'm just repeating).

Linda has challenged her readers to move their bodies for 30 minutes a day, five days a week, for 2 weeks. Not a bad challenge. So I took it. It started yesterday, but you still have time to join in on the sweaty fun. So far-I'm 0 for one...unless, walking in around my home for a solid thirty minutes while holding my sick 30 pound toddler counts...because I did a lot of that yesterday. My poor little Pickle has a terrible chest cold. Today, I'm going to try something more aerobic. I'll let you know how I do on April 10th.


Because of the Cross

Another blog tour that is starting on Palm Sunday is my own. I am hoping you will post at least once during the week of April 5th - 12th about the true meaning of Easter and how it has impacted your life. My Mr. Linky will be up 10 pm EST on April 4th. It is a no pressure, no frills type of meme and it is not a writing contest. Please join me.


My last button is the most important. Every Friday, Carolina Mama (yep, you guessed it, another must-read), hosts pray-it-Friday, where she and her participant share prayer requests. Please continue to pray for the sweet children posted on my left side bar. And I also have a praise to add, while baby Peter still needs our praise, he is doing much better and is now home! Isn't that just fantastic? Again, the buttons on my side bar have the latest updates about these dear children.

I may be out of buttons, but, I still have some randomness to share. I mentioned above and in another post that I am partaking in a fast. For 21 days I am eating only small portions of fruits, vegetables and bland whole unleavened grains and oats. I've also vowed to limit my social networking time to one hour a week. And so far, I have been disciplined in this endeavor, however, I am struggling with the fact that so far, I'm not experiencing the spiritual highs that are suppose to accompany a fast. My prayer life and quiet times actually feel more scattered than ever. I share that for your prayers.

Well...there you have it...a very packed and long-winded Caffeinated...uh make that Decafe... Randomness. For more, visit Andrea.


Andrea said...

Decaf is good, too!

I'm really looking forward to the A Woman Inspired Conference. Of course, just how I will make that work with all these small people milling around me remains to be seen! :)

Monica said...

I'm doing the A Woman Inspired Conference, too. And I am super excited about it!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Thanks for sharing all of this info!!

Also, thank you for sharing your heart. I have been interested to hear about your fast. Praying for you!

Mel said...

I am excited about the woman inspired conference!!!!

love all the different buttons you highlighted

Too Many Hats said...

How sweet of you to share all those buttons.

He And Me + 3 said...

Thanks for all the buttons and links. I hope that your fast begins to pick up for you...the prayer part of it. Keep pressing on. YOu will be blessed.

dancinginthemargins said...

I am really looking forward to A Woman Inspired! We all need to have a tweet up or something after to share what we learned!

Denise said...

I enjoyed this post sweetie.

MommyAmy said...

Wow, lots of good stuff in that post! I'll have to check it out. :)

Carolina Mama said...

What a great post and thanks for participating in Pray It Friday. Will join you in praying for the Cafennated, etc. THanks for sharing.

By the way, your She Speaks entry is amazing. God BLess.

Muthering Heights said...

You weren't kidding - that's a lot of buttons!

I will keep praying for your fast. :)

I'm also trying to decide what to write for your carnival...

graceunbound said...

Whew! Now I want coffee!

Thanks for sharing all the buttons, I'm looking forward to checking them out. (And now I've also got that oooold children's game going through my mind "Button, button, who's got the button?")

Mary Moss said...

Will definitely check out the on-line conference1 Sounds AWESOME!

Angela, please stop by where I have something for you I hope you'll accept:-)

Liz said...

Thanks for sharing all of this info.

Irritable Mother said...

"I'm not experiencing the spiritual highs that are supposed to accompany a fast."
But when we continue in obedience when the feelings aren't there; when we remember God is good even though we don't "feel" it, we please Him. Perhaps it is out of your obedience that the blessing will eventually flow.
Love you, Angela. Keep going!

lisasmith said...

Angela, I just stopped by to say I'm praying for you. Trying to balance this calling, writing, seeking, soaking and socialness with life is tough!

Lord, I pray you give Angela new revelation of who You are today. Heal little Pickle and cause Angela to soar with eagles' wings as she waits on You and You cover her with Your wings. Be her shelter, refuge and stronghold. Reign her thoughts. Control her actions. Reveal your heart.
In Jesus name.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Thanks for including me!

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